Happy Independence Day

I’m so excited to celebrate Independence Day with a paragon of free speech, American Idiot. The show, its preceding record and its creators, cast and crew all demonstrate what a wonderful country we live in: As messed up as the country may be; as much as you may disagree with the politicians in charge and the laws they hand down; as much as blathering and rhetoric makes you want to tear your hair out, America is a great country because we can speak out against all that. Every time Ann Coulter says something that makes me want to vomit (which is pretty much any time she opens her mouth) I resist the urge because as long as she’s allowed to say whatever ridiculous, hateful and misguided bullshit she wants to, I know I’m allowed to say whatever brilliant, encouraging and on target witticisms I want to (…with a healthy helping of snark, of course!) So to the idiots of America who think artists are amoral, and that they (along with anyone offering a different opinion) shouldn’t have a voice in the country, I present to you the Idiots, who, through the bold power of expression, show us eight times a week why you’re wrong.

Whether you’re celebrating by reading the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution (what you don’t have a pocket copy, like me?) or you’re heading to the beach for a barbeque and fireworks, remember the gift of freedom that comes with being American. May Thespis bless the Idiots, and may you have a lovely, red, white and blue-filled Francis Scott Key Key Day!