Media Morsels 10.8.10

  • American Idiot
    It’s official: People love Billie Joe Armstrong. His presence in American Idiot last week helped push the box office past the million dollar mark, nearly doubling the show’s gross from the previous week. (He gave a special encore performance when he took his final bow.) It was a boon to the show which is now continuing on with its regularly scheduled cast. Dear readers, please continue to see works like this – works with beautiful artistic expression and cultural relevance – regardless of whether or not there is a “star” on the boards. While I had a phenomenal time watching Billie Joe perform, I am continually impressed, invigorated and inspired by the incredible performances of the “no-name” cast here and in other shows. If a star gets you to see a Broadway show, let the magic of the theatre bring you back time and time again.

  • The Social Network
    It’s official: People love The Social Network. I did. My parents did. And Peter Travers did. Watch here as he explains why this is the best movie of the year, and how it perfectly captures the psychology of the past decade. (And here are a couple of late additions to The Social Network’s media blitz: Jesse Eisenberg on and Aaron Sorkin on The Colbert Report – they talk about Sorkin’s degree in Musical Theatre!)

  • The Good Wife
    While we’re sort of on the topic of Aaron Sorkin, Sports Night alumnus and current The Good Wife star Josh Charles stopped by the Rachael Ray show this week. Apparently the talented and easy on the eyes actor is a bit of an accomplished cook, in addition to being friends with several chefs. Here he makes sweet potato skins and chats with Rachael about his favorite “couch potato” moments.

  • Glee Scoop
    Don’t forget to watch the always hilarious Jane Lynch host the sometimes hilarious SNL this weekend. I have no doubt she’ll knock it out of the park. Yes she cane!

  • Bloody Bloody Bits
    The wonderfully sardonic and subversive original musical opens next week, on the 13th. In preparation, the folks at Bloody Bloody have released these production stills and made this very funny music video. It’s a Spanish-language version of “Illness as Metaphor”, a great song from the English-language show, played up here telenovela style. Mucho gusto!

    The Bloody Bloody folks have also made a "Rock Star" video. This is one of my favorite songs in the show. Have a look and get ready for Jackson's stimulus package. Jax Rox!

  • No Day But Today
    I don’t know about you, dear reader, but Rent was very special to me (still is) and when I was a teenager I listened to that cast recording over and over and over again. So it was particularly delightful this week to hear Idinia Menzel’s interpretation of the beautiful song “No Day But Today”. (In the show, the song is sung – by Mimi, not Maureen, Menzel’s character – simultaneously with “Another Day”, but the phrase is the refrain and real message of the show.) Watch this video to hear Menzel’s lovely, slowed down and passionate version of the song.

  • Team Coco
    Check out this very funny promotional clip for Conan O’Brien’s new show, set to premiere on TBS November 8th at 11pm. (Stay up to date with all things Conan by visiting

  • They’re All Gonna Laugh at You!
    Carrie: The Musical is coming back! The notorious Broadway flop will receive a production at off-Broadway’s MCC theatre as part of their 2011-2012 season. Producers say the new off-Broadway production will be heavily revised, distinguishing itself from its Broadway predecessor.

  • A Little [Less] Night Music
    The current Broadway revival of Stephen Sondheim’s A Little Night Music will close on January 9, 2011. While current veteran (and replacement) stars Bernadette Peters and Elaine Stritch were scheduled to appear only through November 7, with this closing announcement they’ve announced that the stars will remain with the show through its closing. Critics have raved about Peters’s performance (hearing her sing Sondheim is like watching Shakespeare the way it was supposed to be performed, they say) so you may want to try to catch her while you can.

  • Spiderman Gets a Love Interest
    As you may know or remember from previous Media Morsels, Sony is rebooting its Spiderman franchise. Last decade, Tobey Maguire starred as the web slinger in three films, the last one being released in 2007. For these new Spiderman movies, The Social Network’s Andrew Garfield will be swinging from building to building. And, as it was announced this week, funny lady Emma Stone (who was fun and sassy alongside The Social Network's Jesse Eisenberg in Zombieland) will play his leading lady, Gwen Stacy. Director Marc Webb (who directed the fantastic (500) Days of Summer) said the two actors have terrific chemistry, making Emma the clear choice to get caught in Spiderman’s web.


  1. Loved the Steven Colbert interview with Aaron Sorkin. Thanks for getting me there...

  2. Also enjoyed Idina's rendition of "No Day But Today."


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