Media Morsels 9.3.10

  • American Idiot in the Media
    The incomparable Idiots went into the AOL Sessions studio recently to try to capture on film some of the magic of the show. It’s a beautiful thing, and for now it’s the closest you can get to having the Idiots perform in your living room. (A gal can dream, right?) Check out the entire American Idiot Sessions section for six (6!) musical performances, including those amazing, fierce and inspiring women singing "Letterbomb"; pictures of the cast; a “behind the sessions” video; and a video Q&A with Michael, Rebecca, Tony, Libby, John, Christina and Stark.

    The talented (and handsome) Michael Esper recently invited into his dressing room to capture some of his favorite decorative items, including an “I want to cuddle with you” card from some very special supporters.

  • Sesame Street Gets Some Visitors
    Sesame Street turns 41 this year. The seminal show from the Children’s Television Workshop will return to PBS for its 41st season on September 27. And guess who’ll be stopping by throughout the season: Taye Diggs and Idinia Menzel, recent Emmy winner Kyra Sedgwick, Amy Poehler, Jason Bateman, LaDainian Tomlinson and foodie Alton Brown, among others. As you wait for the start of the 41st season, check out this video of Elmo interviewing recent Emmy winner Neil Patrick Harris.

  • Dancing in the Streets (of Washington DC)
    I knew I liked FLOTUS: Seems Michelle Obama will be inviting several dance companies to perform at the White House for The White House Dance Series: A Tribute to Judith Jamison. Invited dancers include members of Alvin Ailey, The Washington Ballet and New York City Ballet. The event will take place this Tuesday, September 7 at 5pm. The event will be streamed live on Tune in!

  • Sore Losers
    After HBO swept the movie/miniseries category at the Emmys this weekend, several networks are whining about the category’s inclusion in the Emmy broadcast. They say that that portion of the show slows down and that viewership drops; that perhaps HBO and the movie/miniseries category should get its own broadcast. I disagree. I think these are the grumblings of sour grapes. As my brother pointed out, if we’re to follow this logic, should AMC get its own broadcast or should people be hating on AMC since, between Mad Men and Breaking Bad, it pretty much swept the drama category? And moreover, viewership dropped at that point because it was late in the broadcast. If that’s the concern, then switch the order. But HBO deserves its time in the sun just as much as any other channel. The networks should just make better programming; then they’d win some awards.

  • Farragut North on Film
    In fall 2008, the Atlantic Theatre Company gave Beau Willimon’s Farragut North its New York City premiere. It’s a great behind-the-scenes political drama, sort of like a less idealistic, but still incredibly realistic, The West Wing. Oh, that and it starred one John Gallagher, Jr., who gave a thoroughly compelling performance. Since before it came to New York, I’d been hearing buzz about it being turned in to a film, with Leonardo DiCaprio, Jake Gyllenhaal and George Clooney all attached at one point or another. Now, according to New York Magazine, the film is set to start shooting this upcoming February, with Clooney behind the camera. Taking on the role originated by Chris Noth will likely be Philip Seymour Hoffman. Filling in for Isaiah Thomas will be Paul Giamatti. Marisa Tomei is also in talks to appear. An offer has been made to Evan Rachel Wood, a terrible replacement for the very good Olivia Thirlby. But, to my mind, the most egregious replacement is in the pivotal lead role of Stephen, brilliantly brought to life on stage in NY by Johnny: He’s going to be played onscreen by Chris Pine, who played the role in the play’s LA premiere. True, I haven’t seen him in the role so I have no idea what he’ll do with it, but John was soooo good! I suppose I should reserve my judgment until there’s something to judge; plus, I’ve really enjoyed Clooney’s last two directing ventures so I guess, like George Michael says, I gotta have faith.

  • Glee Scoop
    Well, not so much scoop as this: Ms. Lea Michele is on the cover of Glamour magazine! The lovely and talented Michele graces the cover of the October issue, which arrived in my mailbox this week. Michele looks beautiful and effervescent and like she’s having the time of her life. How glamorous! Pick up your copy today and visit for more.

    And, just so I don’t leave you without any Glee scoop, here’s a video sneak peek at the new season!

  • Bloody Bloody News
    Bloody Bloody is coming to Broadway in less than three weeks! The Original Cast Recording was supposed to be released on September 21, but, thank Thespis, my copy arrived today!!! It’s awesome – I’m so super psyched to see it again on September 20 for its first preview. Visit to order your own copy today so you can, like me, dance around your house singing, “Populism, yea, yea!”