Media Morsels 11.19.10

  • American Idiot
    This is your chance to quite literally be a part of American Idiot: The show announced this week that it is holding a contest allowing fans to have their original art work incorporated into the Tony-winning scenic design. Artists are encouraged to send their “band’s poster, original art or any other dynamic image of [their] own design.” Tony winning scenic designer Christine Jones will pick a limited number of winners and add their art to the collaged walls. Visit for more details and to buy tickets to the show.

  • Bloody Bloody Bits
    Writer and director Alex Timbers visited Morning Joe last week to talk about Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, which basically depicts America coming into its adolescence. He said of emo being the right fit for AJ’s story, it, like musical theatre, can be “silly but it can also be transcendent.”

    The jokesters at Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson have a new target for their lampooning ways (and a new advertisement for their show):

  • In Treatment
    The New York Times recently ran excerpts from separate interviews with writer Adam Rapp, actor Irrfan Khan and novelist and consultant Jhumpa Lahiri, who all collaborate on the Sunil episodes of In Treatment. The Sunil and Jesse episodes are definitely my favorites this season, and my affection for the Sunil episodes have everything to do with Rapp’s nearly unparalleled writing and Kahn’s magnificent performance each week. Be sure to watch In Treatment each week on HBO for some of the best and highest quality programming on the tube.

  • Muppet Movie Update
    You probably know, dear readers, that the adorable Jason Segel is working on the latest Muppet movie. (An avid Muppet fan himself and a funny guy and talented writer to boot, Segel is the obvious and good choice, especially since he has designs on wresting the Muppets from squeaky clean Disney plot lines and allowing Kermit, Dr Teeth and the whole gang to revert back to their zaniness of the 70s and 80s.) So it was very exciting to see Segel seated among the Muppets (and collaborators James Bobin, Bret McKenzie and Nick Stoller) in a production shot released this week. Have a look below and check out the scoop from on other Muppets goings on.
  • New Foo for You
    As you may remember from past morsels, the Foo Fighters are hard at work on their seventh studio album. Joining them in the studio are Dave Grohl’s Nirvana-circa-Nevermind collaborators, bassist Krist Novoselic and producer Butch Vig. According a report in the current issue of Rolling Stone (an excellent issue, by the way, with Eminem on the cover, a post-election roundtable featuring Matt Taibbi, an in-depth look at the mortgage meltdown, also from Taibbi, and an interview with The Boss), Dave, Chris Shiflett (guitar), Taylor Hawkins (drums), Nate Mendel (bass), Novoselic and Vig expect to finish recording in early December. My guess is this means we can expect to get this brand new heavy Foo record in our hot little hands this spring. I can’t wait! After kicking around with other projects, including Them Crooked Vultures (featuring none other than John Paul Jones), Dave says, “I missed being in the Foo Fighters…this is where I belong.” Amen, Dave. Amen.

  • The Daily Show’s at it Again
    The jester’s job is, arguably, to point out foibles of the elite. And as America’s most trusted jester (I think Al Gore said something about this on a Daily Show appearance a few years back), Jon Stewart and his merry band of comics took aim at Senator John McCain and his constantly changing and evasive non-stance on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Check it:

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  • The Beatles on iTunes
    You can’t buy me love, but now you can buy The Beatles’ music on iTunes. The legendary band’s catalog had heretofore been unavailable digitally. (Certain songs that appeared on soundtracks or decent covers may have been available but not, say, Abbey Road.) Apple announced on Tuesday that John, Paul, George and Ringo’s catalog is now available through the iTunes store. Fans can purchase entire albums or individual songs, according to Rolling Stone’s coverage, from all 13 original albums and a couple of compilations. (Still holding out: AC/DC; Garth Brooks; Kid Rock; Bob Seger; Def Leppard; and Tool.)

  • Glee Scoop
    Rob Sheffield recently said (in Rolling Stone) that each week, Glee leaves you wondering how they’re going to top themselves next week. Well, the Super Bowl is still several weeks away but has some news that just may top everything that’s come before it: the McKinley High misfits are going to be covering Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” According to the report, “Thriller” will be mashed-up with another yet to be determined song. So let’s take stock: It’s going to be the Super Bowl (good on its own); Glee will be on right after – and super-sized (i.e., longer); and the Gleeks will be rocking out to MJ. Whew! Can’t wait for February 6 and Super Bowl XLV!

    Harry Shum, Jr., who plays the Other Asian Mike Chang will be a series regular in the show’s third season, E! Online reports. This doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll see more screen time (to wit: Dianna Agron/Quinn is a series regular and we barely saw her in this week’s episode) but it does mean his name will appear in the opening credits…and he’ll likely receive a pay bump!

    Surf’s up! Dreamboat Matthew Morrison is on the cover of Details magazine’s December issue. Inside, stalkers readers will find some sexy shots of the triple threat traipsing along the beach (along with a written profile, available online), brought to you by photographer Norman Jean Roy. (Check out behind-the-shoot video here.) Visit to see bonus photos of Dreamboat Morrison in (and out of) designer duds.

  • Bringing Sexy Back
    Ready for more dreamboatiness? Morrison was named one of People magazine’s sexiest men alive. While he didn’t make the cover (that would be Ryan Reynolds – who’s nice but not the sexiest man alive, in my humble opinion), Morrison is featured in a sexy black and white photo inside, along with other sexy men like Jake Gyllenhaal, Robert Downy, Jr., JTims, Jon Bon Jovi and Leo (in an enticing photo from his recent appearance in Rolling Stone). The issue is on newsstands now. Go to for full sexy coverage.

    Not to be outdone (and possibly a sexier issue), GQ released its Men of the Year issue this week. There are few different covers – I like the one with The Dude on it (that would be Jeff Bridges, for those unfamiliar with how The Big Lebowski rolls). Other men of the year include Joseph Gordon-Levitt, James Franco, Ryan Gosling, Jesse Eisenberg and Glee’s own Chris Colfer, plus the leading men of Boardwalk Empire – four Michaels and a Steve (Pitt, Stuhlbarg, Kenneth Williams, Shannon and Buscemi), and a photo of Mark Ruffalo looking just as scrumptious as the food in his garden in The Kids Are All Right. That issue is also on newsstands now and is plenty swoon worthy! Head to for all the details.

    Perhaps the sexiest things in magazines right now, though, are the Gap ads featuring sexy funnyman Donald Glover and City Ballet principal dancer and choreographer Benjamin Millepied. (Visit Gap’s Facebook page for photos and videos of their Holiday 2010 campaign.)

  • Award Season Update
    Funny man Joel McHale will host the Film Independent Spirit Awards this winter. The awards, presented on IFC the Saturday before the Academy Awards, honor excellence in independent film making. Sometimes nominees for Spirit awards are also Oscar nominees, as Oscar has taken to recognizing more independent films in favor of big budget blockbusters, but sometimes they’re not. Either way, the Spirit awards is always a good place to get some film recommendations for your Netflix queue. And with McHale hosting, it’s sure to be a good broadcast. Tune in to IFC on February 26 for all the fun.

  • SNL Update is reporting that the venerable late-night sketch comedy show will welcome some talented and funny men as their host and musical guests in December. Kicking off the month will be Robert De Niro (December 4). Next up (on December 11), cutie Paul Rudd will return as host, with another Paul – Sir McCartney, that is – serving as musical guest. Closing out the calendar year on December 18, Oscar winner Jeff Bridges will take over hosting duties while Eminem treats us to his own musical stylings. Tune in Saturdays at 11:30 on NBC. (Or DVR the shows and watch anytime – like me!)