Media Morsels 12.18

  • Glee news:

    It’s official! Idina Menzel is coming to McKinley High! Or maybe a rival high school – Glee creator Ryan Murphy isn’t sure. He is sure that joining Idina on the roster of guest stars will be Jonathan Groff and Kristen Chenoweth. This is awesome! I’d love to see an Idina-Kristen-Matthew sing off and Idina and Lea trading bars. Those two divas look alike, sound alike and both can kill “Don’t Rain On My Parade”! (Here's Idina at the 2008 Kennedy Center Honors. Watch the "Sectionals"episode of Glee for Lea's version.)

    Ay caramba! - Glee is going to Spain. Well, not the storyline but the program. Word came this week that a Spanish network is set to air the first 13 episodes (which are available on DVD on December 29!) of this glorious television musical.

    Sing… Sing a song… - Murphy also spoke to The Wrap this week telling them that the back nine episodes that will begin airing April 13 will have even more songs per episode than the Road to Sectional batch. Zang!
  • Who-Gets-a-Broadway-House-Before-American-Idiot Watch: Week 2 -Lend Me a Tenor is coming to Broadway. Stanley Tucci will direct the production which boasts, among others, Anthony LaPaglia, Joe of Empire Records fame. I know AJ doesn't feel the need to explain his art to Warren, but could someone please explain to me why all these shows are booking theatres while American Idiot is still homeless?
  • Aaron Tveit to be Further From Normal – The brilliant Aaron Tveit will be leaving Next to Normal after his January 3, 7:30pm performance. (I already have my ticket!) Kyle Dean Massey, who took over the role of Gabe when Tveit was workshopping Catch Me If You Can in Seattle, will assume the role full time after Tveit’s departure. I’m sad that Tveit is leaving the show because he is so incredibly good but optimistic that he’s leaving because Catch Me is coming to Broadway. If confirmed, this would be very exciting news because it would mean that I’d get to watch two of my favorite theatre guys, Tveit and Norbert Leo Butz, in one show! (In the meantime, look for him alongside James Franco in Howl, premiering at Sundance next month!)
  • Hair on Vinyl – Although the vinyl pressing of the new cast recording of Hair came out around Thanksgiving, this lovely video was posted on this week. Have a look. I love those Hippies. (And in case you were curious – the vinyl sounds amazing. It’s clearer and richer and more layered than the digital or cd versions. I dance around to it almost every night!)
  • Side by Side by Susan Blackwell – For those who don’t know, Susan Blackwell is an accomplished performer, most notably for her role in [title of show]. In a new web series, she interviews Broadway actors, three per episode, and brings along her sardonic sense of humor and quick wit.
  • Wicked Moves Up – On December 15, Wicked became the 20th longest running show on Broadway, playing its 2,535 performance that day. The number 20 spot on the list was previously held by Avenue Q, which moved off-Broadway this fall.
  • A Lesson from Sesame Street – The talented and adorable Jake Gyllenhaal recently taped a clip for the beloved Sesame Street in which, with the help of an octopus, he teaches children what the word “separate” means.
  • Award Show Season is Here! I'll write more about this at a later time as, clearly, it requires a great deal of attention and analysis. Check back next week for a wrap up of the nominees for Critic's Choice, SAG and Golden Globes.