Well, “Hell-O”! Glee is back! And what a great start to the second half. Sue is back with an hilarious vengeance. Rachel is running into the arms of the lead singer for rival choir Vocal Adrenaline. And Mr. Shuester is bringing sexy back all over town. There were some great performances – but the highlight was probably the premiere of Sue’s “Vogue” video remake. Check it out on Hulu – and remember that next week is the Madonna episode! (While you're on Hulu, check out Glee's page to catch up on full episodes.)

hile I had plenty of favorite one-liners, my favorite was this gem uttered by the strapping and intense Jonathan Groff as Jesse St. James: “I’m going to the University of California Los Angeles. Maybe you’ve heard of it. It’s in Los Angeles.” What was your favorite quote? Share your favorite moments from last night's episode in the comments section, below.