Media Morsels 10.7.11

  • On the Next Arrested Development
    The Bluth family is back, dear readers! The cult classic Arrested Development, which had an all-too-brief life on Fox (the show ran for three seasons) is now confirmed to be coming back - on TV and on the big screen! Series creator Mitch Hurwitz confirmed that there will definitely be a movie, but before getting to the big screen, there will be a mini, ten-episode season on TV so that we can catch up with the Bluths before seeing them on celluloid. The entire Arrested Development ensemble, including Jason Bateman, Will Arnett and Portia de Rossi, will be back for more Bluth fun. Are you as excited as I am? Get Pop Pop out of the attic, alert Mrs. Featherbottom and watch out for banana grabbers!

    On the heels of the Arrested Development announcement, Sports Night alumnus Joshua Malina wrote on why a similar Sports Night will never happen. (Note: Malina's tongue is firmly planted in his cheek.)

  • John Gallagher, Jr., On the Record
    Johnny Gallagher recently spoke with about his work as a musician - both as a solo singer/songwriter and also in a band, and how he balances his musicianship with his acting gigs. (His most recent NY acting gig: Jerusalem. His next acting gig: as a regular on Aaron Sorkin's new HBO show, tentatively titled More as this Story Develops. The show goes behind the scenes (a la Sports Night at a cable news show.) My dear readers in New York can catch the multi-talented Gallagher at Rockwood Music Hall this Saturday night at 9pm.

  • Why Your State AG Shouldn't Cooperate with the Federal Government...Yet
    In a recent blog post, Rolling Stone contributing editor, and my favorite journalist, Matt Taibbi, updated readers regarding the mortgage backed securities deal the federal government is trying to make. Taibbi has written at length about the housing bubble and the banks involved (pick up a copy of his Griftopia for an in-depth look at the causes of the financial crisis) and here he explains why this current deal, vehemently opposed by New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and newly opposed by California State Attorney General Kamala Harris, is embarrassingly cheap for the banks, but also why some sort of settlement just might be in the country's best interest. Keep up to date on this and other issues of import by following Taibbi's blog on

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