Newest List: Funny Ladies Who Should Make Their Broadway Debut!
Have you checked out Culturalist? It's one of my favorite things on the Internet these days. As it says on the site, "...users shape, share and debate their opinion about anything and everything through Top Ten lists."

Culturalist borrows from the "top ten" concept, mixes it with a bit of Buzz Feed's listicle style and allows users to declare their favorites in... well, just about anything.

Lists can be broad, like "Best Comedians of All Time," or intriguingly specific, like "Best Broadway Musicals that Did Not Win a Tony for Best Musical." There's also an option to create "worst of" lists, but I like to focus on the awesome stuff out in the world.

Join me on Culturalist and add your opinion to the mix!

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updated March 25, 2016

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