Media Morsels 7.8.11

  • Hair is Back!
    The Hippies are back on Broadway, and this time they've taken over the St James. I had the pleasure of dancing with them (including a high school classmate who plays a Tribe member!!!) on Wednesday and they were amazing. They are here in New York until September 5 for the Summer of Love. Please go visit them, dear readers, and turn on, tune in and drop out! Check out this video, courtesy of Givenik, of the load in (that is, the crew setting up the set).

  • Gods Behaving Badly
    In a new movie adapted from Marie Phillips's comic fantasy novel, Christopher Walken, Phylicia Rashad, Oliver Platt and Edie Falco will play Greek gods forced to live among mere mortals in modern-day New York. Sounds like fun, right? Filming begins in New York this month, and in addition to the aforementioned Broadway alumni, Alicia Silverstone, Gideon Glick and John Turturro will also star. Visit for more details.

  • Happy 100th!
    No, this isn't a Willard Scott Today segment. This week, both Catch Me if You Can and Anything Goes celebrated their 100th performances on Broadway. Catch Me celebrated with a festive cake while Anything Goes snuck some yummy-looking cupcakes on board. Visit to see photos of the celebrations: Catch Me and Anything Goes

  • Photos Rock
    They say a picture is worth 1,000 words. So if you'd like to "hear" 1,000 words about your favorite rock and roll artists, head over to where the magazine's first chief photographer, Baron Wolman, teases readers with some choice photos from his vault. Wolman shares an impossibly intriguing photo of Jimi Hendrix, a candid shot of a boxing Miles Davis, a pic of Janis Joplin playing pool and much more!