Media Morsels 7.1.11

  • Wilfred
    Dear readers, are you watching Wilfred? It's a new dark comedy on FX starring Elijah Wood. His character, Ryan, befriends Wilfred, his neighbor's dog. Well, to everyone but Ryan, Wilfred appears as a dog. To Ryan, Wilfred appears as a man in a dog suit. It's crazy but also wickedly good. Check your local listings for air dates and times. And in the meantime, read through this AV Club interview with Wood.

  • Muppet Madness
    As we look forward to the Thanksgiving release of The Muppets, the new Muppet movie starring and co-written by Jason Segel, I'll do my best to bring you various Muppet news.
    • August will see the release of The Green Album on which contemporary artists, like Weezer, cover Muppet songs, like "Rainbow Connection." Visit for the track listing.
    • Need to brush up your Muppet? Empire Online has a guide to the Muppet movies, beginning with The Muppet Movie (my very favorite movie, Muppet or otherwise) and continuing through to Muppets from Space.

  • "Another Opening, Another Show"
    We learned of more shows that will hit the board in the 2011-2012 season:
  • Catch Me on CD
    This week, the high-flying folks at Catch Me if You Can celebrated the release of their original cast recording. (The recording had already been available digitally, and some folks who pre-ordered the CD, like me, had received it a couple of week ago. Now you can buy it wherever CDs are sold.) Part of the celebration included cast members Aaron Tveit, Norbert Leo Butz (watch him record his show-stopping number "Don't Break the Rules") and Kerry Butler performing songs from the show and signing CDs at Barnes and Noble. Check out photos of the in-store signing over at And was on hand to catch the fun on film:

  • Happy Fourth of July, from Reno!