The Spring Standards - Yellow

The Spring Standards are releasing a new record, Yellow!!! The seven-song album was once again funded by a Kickstarter campaign, to which I am a proud contributor.

This is a fantastic new album. There seems to be a cohesiveness to this record, like this collection of songs had to appear on an album together, they couldn’t be separated. They all seem to reflect The Spring Standards’ time on the road, away from friends and family. And it’s full of questions. James Cleare, Heather Robb and James Smith have once again created a beautiful, relatable record, with earthy sprawl, folksy charm and not just a little bit of good old rock and roll.
Herein, some first thoughts about the tracks:
  1. "Only Skin" – creeping, haunting; builds in depth with distant sounds; it sounds like longing, matching the wistful lyric
  2. "Heavy Home" – rambling, on the road; really intimate ending; I love Cleare’s voice
  3. "Chicago" – a sweet and lovely song
  4. "Crushing Pennies" – driving, pulsing
  5. "Enemies" – a little Norah Jones-ey; soulful
  6. "Wildfire Forest" – expansive; LOVE the pulse and percussion, the throb and Cleare’s voice, which sounds like it has been soaking in whiskey for a little while; there’s something subtly enticing and inviting about this...well, maybe it's not so subtle!
  7. "So Simple So True" – soft and pleading, simple and true
Visit for release date details, to discover more of the terrific band’s music and to stay up to date on their whereabouts.

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