The Voices in His Head - Seth MacFarlane on SNL

Seth MacFarlane hosted the 38th season premiere of SNL last night. Overall, I'd say the sketches were a little uneven, with MacFarlane being better than some of the premises. Still, it's an election season and this is SNL's bread and butter, so we can look forward to some tasty political skewering over the next several weeks, including Jay Pharaoh's great new President Obama impression. (In fact, look for half-hour SNL political specials on Thursday nights.) One question about the new season though: did you notice the arcade games surrounding musical guest Frank Ocean? Are they going to be there all season because I found them very distracting. Oh well. At we were treated to this hilarious opening monologue/song from MacFarlane, showing off his tremendous skill, discipline and versatility:


  1. Seth MacFarlane does such a great job of switching his voices. Now that I’ve seen how fast he can change, I wonder if he really does have voices talking to him in his head. I would have to say my favorite skit was the Weekend Update with Ryan Lochte. Some of the quotes were priceless! I’m definitely looking forward to new shows in the future. I’ve set my Hopper to record the entire season to my two terabyte hard-drive since I work late at Dish and can’t see them live. It’s nice to know I won’t run out of space!


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