Media Morsels 3.25.11

  • The Foo Fighters Are Coming! The Foo Fighters Are Coming!
    Ladies and gents, the new Foo Fighters album, Wasting Light, is just a few weeks away from being released. (The record "drops" on April 12. (Prior to the drop, the Foos will appear on SNL on April 9.) In the current Rolling Stone, Dave Grohl says of the album, "It's bitchin'." Who's going to argue with that?) Recently, the band premiered the documentary Back and Forth at SXSW. This flick chronicles the band's "life," from when Dave started it all on a demo right up through recording Wasting Light in Dave's garage. The doc will be screened in several movie theatres throughout North America on April 5th, (sadly, the New York gig sold out before I could get tickets) and following the screening will be a live performance (via the celluloid) from the Foos themselves! I'm so excited for the record and really looking forward to (eventually) seeing the movie. Visit for more details and watch the trailer now:

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