Critics Choice Awards - The Winners

The Critics Choice Movie Awards were presented last night, just days before the Golden Globes. Visit VH1's CCMA page for the full list of winners and video of the acceptance speeches. (And here's a reminder of all the nominees.)
  • Best Picture - The Artist
    I'd say that this was expected. It topped many critics' year-end lists, and even if it wasn't at the top, the critics all raved. It'll be interesting to watch this and The Descendants duke it out this season; they're in different categories at the Globes, but they'll go head to head at the Oscars. (Not that Oscar nominations have been announced yet; that'll happen on January 24.)

  • Actor - George Clooney, The Descendants
    Excellent choice. I like all the nominees (especially my dear Leo) but this is Clooney's best performance to date.

  • Actress - Viola Davis, The Help

  • Supporting Actor - Christopher Plummer, Beginners
    I think it's always nice when a small film that was released months before the award season gets remembered in any category. On top of that, Plummer was great in this role.

  • Supporting Actress - Octavia Spencer, The Help

  • Director - Michel Hazanavicius, The Artist
    Much as I like The Artist, this whole season I'm going to be pulling for Martin Scorsese for this, with Alexander Payne close behind. I think the way Scorsese crafted his first 3D film was magical, and Payne was careful and took his time to tell the story. There's no acrimony here, just a little disappointment.

  • Acting Ensemble - The Help

  • Comedy - Bridesmaids
    Sorry, ladies, but I disagree with this choice. I didn't think Bridesmaids was funny. Other contenders in this category included The Muppets, Crazy Stupid Love, Horrible Bosses and Midnight in Paris. I'm sure it came down to Bridesmaids and Midnight, and I just think Midnight was leaps and bounds better and funnier than Bridesmaids.

  • Documentary Feature - George Harrison: Living in the Material World
    This is a Martin Scorsese documentary that aired on HBO. Visit to watch.

  • Adapted Screenplay - Steven Zaillian and Aaron Sorkin, story by Stan Chervin, Moneyball
    Obviously I think it's wonderful when Aaron Sorkin's brilliance is recognized by others. I do think that throughout the season, team The Descendants will give team Moneyball its stiffest competition.

  • Original Screenplay - Woody Allen, Midnight in Paris
    Excellent choice. Let's take a moment, though, to recognize some of the others who were deservedly nominated: Will Reiser for 50/50 and Tom McCarthy and Joe Tiboni for Win Win.

  • Action Movie - Drive

  • Art Direction - Dante Ferretti and Francesca Lo Schiavo, Hugo

  • Cinematography - Emmanuel Lubezki, The Tree of Life
    Though this is a grossly self-indulgent film, the cinematography was outstanding.

  • Song - "Life's a Happy Song," The Muppets
    !!! (Note that The Muppets was competing against itself in this category, as it held three of the five nomination slots.)

  • Honorary: Joel Siegel Award - Sean Penn

  • Honorary: Music and Film Award - Martin Scorsese