Media Morsels 2.10.12

  • Gavin Creel's Get Out
    The talented Tony nominee Gavin Creel is releasing a record! Announced first at his shows at the Allen Room (his performance was part of the Lincoln Center Songbook series) and later confirmed in a statement on, the Hair star will celebrate the release of his new album Get Out with two shows at Joe's Pub on Monday, March 19. The first show will be at 7pm and the second at 9:30. According to the release on Playbill, attendees of the 9:30 show "will be invited to stay for a post-show album release party." Tickets went on sale on Wednesday, but you can check in with Joe's Pub at either 212.967.7555 or for availability.

  • Why Wall Street Should Stop Whining
    In a new blog post, Rolling Stone's unparalleled Matt Taibbi eviscerates a ridiculous new New York magazine piece. "The End of Wall Street as They Knew It" is a preposterous piece that argues Wall Streeters have it tough in this economy because their bonuses have shrunk. (That's bonuses - extra money in addition to their salary and stock options and more.) To quote Taibbi: "Since 2008, the rest of America has suffered a severe economic correction. ... When the crash hit, regular people could not make up the difference through bailouts or zero-interest loans from the Fed or leveraged-up synthetic derivative schemes. They just had to deal with the fact that the economy sucked - and they adjusted. This ought to have been true also on Wall Street, but...the financial services industry somehow managed to maintain its extravagant lifestyle standards in the middle of a historic global economic crash that, incidentally, they themselves caused."

  • Leap of Faith
    You remember that Leap of Faith is coming to Broadway, right? And you remember that stars Raul Esparza and Jessica Phillips did a photo shoot for the show last week, right? (If not, here's a refresher.) Well this week, brought us an enticing behind-the-scenes video of the photo shoot. Watch below and then get excited for the lovely Phillips and the sexy Esparza to "blow your mind"! (If the video doesn't work, click here to watch it on