Media Morsels 11.25.11

  • New Oscar Category?
    Writer, director and producer Judd Apatow thinks the Academy Awards should have a comedy category. Noting that animated films got their own category in 2001, he asserts that it's high time his genre of film making got a little Oscar love. I tend to agree. While all comedic movies and performances are eligible for nomination in the current categories, they are often overlooked for "heftier" fare. But getting comedy right takes a whole separate set of finely honed skills than getting drama right. In fact, many believe comedy is harder, and so a knockout comedic performance, or a brilliantly funny screenplay, are all the more award-worthy. What do you think? Should comedy movies have their own category, like at the Golden Globes?

  • iPlays
    Samuel French, one of the publishing and licensing houses from which you can purchase plays and librettos, recently launched an e-library. From iTunes, you can download over 80 titles for use on your iPhone, iPod and iPad. (According to the announcement on, Samuel French is looking to launch a similar service for Kindle, Nook and Sony eReader users.) Included in the initial offerings is The Farnsworth Invention, an Aaron Sorkin play about the invention of television. (I saw its first Saturday night preview back in October 2007. Alas, the playwright wasn't there but the play was full of noticeable Sorkinese!) Visit for the full list of available scripts.

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