Media Morsels 11.18.11

  • More Muppet Moments
    Continuing the countdown they began last week, this week brought us more Broadway-Muppet crossover moments, including Ethel Merman. Below, Ms. Merman and the Muppets perform a Broadway medley, including some of her signature Anything Goes songs. (Did you see the Muppets perform "Mahna Mahna" on Good Morning America this week? If not, watch online.)
  • Even More Muppets
    Jason Segel, who (you should know by now) co-wrote and is starring in The Muppets, which hits theaters on Wednesday, November 23, recently spoke to Indie Wire about the film and its possible sequels (and a possible The Muppet Show revival); what non-Muppet excitement is next for him, like Sex Tape with Reese Witherspoon; and the possibility of his Forgetting Sarah Marshall Dracula musical being fully realized. In the meantime, the funny man will host SNL this Saturday.

  • Seasons of Regis: