Media Morsels 4.13.12

  • Bruce Springsteen, "Death to My Hometown"

  • Actors vs. Movie Stars
    This week on IFC, Ron Mwangaguhunga theorizes about the difference - if there is one - between actors and movie stars. He posits, and I tend to agree, that actors are in the game for the artistic expression while movie stars are hungry for fame and money. He cites my favorite actor, Leonardo DiCaprio, as an example of both, though I would refine his argument to say that Leo is an actor who became a movie star, i.e., that his motivations were and are artistic; the fame and fortune is a byproduct. Do you buy Mwangaguhunga's argument, or do you think everyone appearing in movies is the same? What about a difference between film actors and theatre actors?

  • Rock and Roll Baseball Commissioner
    Rolling Stone asked some rock and rollers what they would do if they were baseball commissioner for a day. Many said they would get rid of inter-league play and that they'd put a cap on or simply lower ticket prices. (I wholeheartedly agree with the latter.) Head on over to Rolling Stone to find out what else these rocking baseball fans want to change.

    In other rock and roll news, Rolling Stone reports that Axl Rose will not attend Guns 'n' Roses' Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction on April 14. In a long letter, Rose explains that he declines the induction and that no one is authorized to accept the induction on his behalf. Rolling Stone has the full letter. (Remember that highlights of the induction ceremony will be broadcast on HBO on May 5.)

  • Tony Update
    When the Tony nominations are announced on Tuesday, May 1, Tony winner Kristen Chenoweth and Jim Parsons (The Normal Heart) will be the ones reading the list of nominees. The announcement will be presented live on, so tune in at 8:30am on May 1 to find out who is up for Tony gold! Then check in here later in the day for my reaction.

  • Baker-Gold Uncle Vanya
    Michael Shannon (Boardwalk EmpireTake Shelter) will join the previously announced Reed Birney (Dreams of Flying Dreams of FallingCircle Mirror Transformation) in Annie Baker 's (...TransformationThe Aliens) adaptation of Uncle Vanya. The production will be directed by Baker's frequent collaborate Sam Gold and will run at Soho Rep June 7-July 15. Playbill has details. 

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