The Spring Standards - Gold

The Spring Standards have released Gold, the companion album to their earlier EP, Yellow.

There’s sort of an 80s vibe throughout the record, but these creative rockers put their own twist on everything. Incredible harmonies, imaginative compositions and incisive lyrics combine for a Gold record! 

Herein, some initial thoughts on this toe-tapping, hand-clapping all-rocking new record:

Nightmare”: With the opening claps and the continual thump, it sounds like other cool hipster bands’ songs. What sets this apart is the terrific juxtaposition of the jaunty beat and a slightly off-kilter lyric. “We’re safe in my nightmare,” Heather sings. Any fan of the band knows that, yes, we’re safe with The Spring Standards. Plus, there’s a great jumble of an ending.

Watch the Moon Disappear”: Heather channels her inner Stevie Nicks for this wistful tuner.

Rusty Wheels”: James Cleare and his whiskey soaked voice slow it down for an introspective ramble (think a slow-burn Tom Petty track). He shreds on the guitar – taking the song wherever his six-string tells him – during the bridge for a great, epic, throw-back rock song.

Here We Go”: An anthemic 80s-arena rock groove from James Smith that’s great for parties or shaking your bootie and pumping your fists at concerts. “Could it be? Could it be? Could this be love?” Yes, Smithy, it is love!!! 

Unmarked Pill”: Almost two songs smashed together, we begin with Heather throwing down like Joan Jett (the most badass of them all) and then transition to James Cleare, who easily captures you in his spell. All together, the trio put you in a trance for seven minutes of heaven!

Watch the video for “Here We Go” below and then head over to to pre-order your copy of Yellow/Gold.